Dear Mrs. Bowers:

I got your link though the land over cristians, and i know i want to be saved! I am a 16 year old male who tries to live his life through gods will. I only have a few friends, and girls do not like me.

So, i have resorted to dating my horse, a mare, named Kip. Kip is very attractive. At first, we just ate dinners togther, and then we danced, and finally, i got on a bucket and have sex with her. it is very fullfilling to each of us, and i go away happy, and she flips her tail and nuzzles me!!

So, my friend told me this is against the will of god, but i dissagree!! in the bible, and i ahve studied this, it says 'thous shalt not lie with beasts'. But, im not lying down, im standing on a bucket. and, shes not a beast, she the most attractive horse i have ever seen.

please, miss betty, what do you think?

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