I was just at the Christian Mall and standing in front of the Landover Linens Shoppe was the trashiest looking woman I have ever had the displeasure to lay eyes on. Her hair was dyed Hell-Fire Red, her make-up thick as molasses, and wearing the shortest skirt I have ever seen. I knew right off the bat she was no-good and could tell by the way she was chewing her gum she was a Catholic. As I made my way into the doorway she reached out and touched my hand and asked me for the time. Time? I said. Why it is time for you to get yourself right to the Cross and beg forgiveness for looking such a slut. She made a rude comment and gesture (common practice for hot-tempered Non-Baptists) and I pushed her aside and went on in. After finding a lovely Damask Comforter set and pillow shams I left. No sooner had I passed the Psalms Sushi and Salad Bar I ran into that awful white trash woman again. This time she was with a man. A man of color no doubt. She opened her mouth to Speak and I dropped my shopping bags and raised my hands to the Heavens. From my mouth God Spoke. He said, "Young Lady, You are on the Rollercaoster to Hell at Satans' Pleasure Park. Get away from that Devil you are fornicating with and Get to real Church, A Baptist Church". Well at that I moment I knew that God did not intend to invite her to Landover Baptist I clapped my left hand to my mouth and my Right Hand across her face. Surely it was God working through me for she hit the ground quicker than you can say Jesus Wept. The man that she was with took off running and left her lying there. Now he was either in fear for the Powers of Jesus he had witnesseed or he had stolen something because security was just arriving on the scene. As they were taking her away she looked at me throught those thick Fake elyelashes and said He my baby Daddy. I knew then that the Lord had usd me a tool to get this poor woman away from that man and the sinful relationship she was in. God has certainly been working miracles today. Praise Jesus!

On bended knee I go to the Cross to wait for my Glory,

Mrs. Taffy Davenport-Gaines-Crockett

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