GLORY HALLELUJAH for this FINE (and I do mean FINE) woman!

Few are called and fewer are chosen... or... er... Many are called but most are too busy to hear the LAWD. Or something like that.

Mrs Bowers is truly a woman of GA-AHD (heavy stress on the two syllables). I have just found this site but I can tell you that Mrs. Bowers is doing the work of JAY-ZUS. Can I get an AMEN? (Little Hughie in the back row whispers "amen").

OK... I am feeling the presence... I feel the Holy Sprit entering into me now... coursing through ma veins and filling me with the gift of... asnw ewoka rooekw asijww aijs sauw... DO YA HEAR ME BROTHUs AND SISTAs?!? I said... iwuj auijw eitjw awof iokem. GLORY BE, GLORY BE.

Now... we'll be passin' around the collection plate so you can make your soul can be saved. Please... just new bills with the big heads on it... better saving power.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled heresy.

Reverend Cygnus

Oh... and please visit my home... Cygnus' Study - Debunking the Bible where one is always sure to find a fuming Christian or two.

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