Dear Mrs. Bowers:

I am a huge fan and a Christian. I was reading one of your letters, when I came across the following:

(This is from your reply on Lilith)

In Genesis II, God forms man from dust, which would seem to require few additional ingredients or effort. Then, God decides that man needs help so God forms "every beast in the field" and "every foul of the air" (I don't think this is a reference to Los Angeles), and brings them to Adam for the seemingly tedious task of coming up with names for everything (hand it to God; being all Wisdom, She knows when to delegate a horrendously monotonous job!).

Please, please, in the name of Lord Jesus, tell this God-fearing Christian this was a typo-graphical error and not intentional BLASPHEMY!!! Please tell me that the 's' in front of 'he' in that sentence was put there by 'S'atan!

And if, and I cringe and vomit to even consider this, you secretly believe that our ALMIGHTY GOD THE FATHER is a pagan female devil worshipping folk-singing girl-power hairy armpitted feminist woman spirit, may God the FATHER have mercy on your soul as you descend into the fiery pits of HELL.

Yours in Christ,

A God-Fearing Christian

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