Dear Mrs. Bowers:

For many years now, I have had a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior, but something seemed to be missing in my life. After all, there is no pride in being friends with someone who indiscriminantly befriends anyone.

So I began to develop a personal relationship with my own specialness. By acknowledging my specialness, I came into contact with a side of myself I had not known. Soon I was buying special coy little gifts for myself from Cartier or Prada, knowing that the exquisite nature of these gifts would certainly be lost on those less special than I am. Yes, I am now truly fulfilled as this wonderful new relationship continues to develop with myself. My concern is that others seem to lack the delicate sensibilities to apprehend my specialness and acknowledge it. I suspect that you have experienced this as well. How can we elevate the consciousness of these knuckle dragging boors that they are in the presence of specialness?

Very Special in Spruce Pines, North Carolina

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