Sister Elizabeth,

Please lend your vast knowledge and wisdom to the following question; what was our Lord thinking about when he raised his friend Lazarus from the dead? On the face of it, this seems like a miraculously fantastic gesture both towards the dead man himself and to his grieving family. But I've been thinking ... if I were in heaven, enjoying eternal fellowship with the Father, and suddenly found myself back on this far from perfect world (all be it in the presence of Jesus himself), I think I might have reason to complain.

Further, although Lazarus was promised everlasting ETERNAL life, he still had to go through the unquestionable inconvenience of PHYSICALLY dying all over again. Added to this the fact that the same people who had grieved his passing the first time would have to go through the anguish once again (provided they outlived him).

So was Jesus just 'showing off' to his assembled audience without fully considering the consequences of his holy powers?

Yours in His service,

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