Dearest Betty,

My charming young godson has proposed the most interesting question to me. I include his missive below. Would you be so kind as to answer as well? I've already given him my opinion, but he wants more than just Auntie El's input. I must say that he's an absolute dear.

Take care of yourself, dear --Eleanor.

Dear Auntie El,
I'm in quite a dilemna. My trusty old college book satchel is positively falling apart. It's so sad. That just shows you how good Czech workmanship is! Anyhow, I saw a really very nice saddle leather book satchel at Coach, and I just can't get it out of my mind. I would quickly dash in to pick it up, but I'm wondering.... Do you think it appropriate for one who normally totes around theological treatises to be doing so in a Coach book satchel. It could be considered a bit, well, inappropriate. As always, Auntie, I appreciate your help, and any input from your nice lady friends.
Love, Kevin.

Biting My Lip


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