Dear Betty:

I am very worried about the Europeans and all the natural diasters that killed so many of them. My husband once had an affair with a filthy European woman, and I prayed for God to strike her dead.

This was before I became I became an enlightened Christian and did not understand that sometimes my husband would want to have sex with someone who was not a man and did not shave her legs or underarms. Now, when I read the news today, many Europeans have been killed. I am frightened by the power of my Lord and his response to my prayers. First those Venezuelans with the floods, and now this.

I have forgiven this nasty woman and my husband, so please pray for no more harm to come to the Europeans. Please ask God to think twice before such hasty response to my bitter prayers of the past.

For example, last summer, I ate some curry chicken in an Indian restaurant and threw-up for 3 days. I prayed to God these smelly people would suffer as I did, and I no sooner had I said "Amen" he has got a whole planeload of them hijacked! Please send special Warrior prayers to these Indians to be released safely without any more suffering from God on my behalf. Thinking back, it may have been some tuna salad from Subway that I had at lunch earlier that day that made me so sick. These people really might be innocent! Please help!

Prayer Warrior Karen

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