I am a medical doctor from Ireland and a catholic, I think of myself as being equal with everyone else in the world, except you. You are lower then me and the rest of the world. So I ask you this question: Why not kill yourself? And allow everyone else to have a nice life. Do not even dare to answer the question by saying the world needs you or some philosophical crap like that. I have a very strong feeling that no one will reply to this and that the real Betty Bowers will never even read this. But remember to treat people as you would like people to treat you. Jesus said that and you have appalling mannerisms towards almost everyone in the universe, so what does that say? I'm sure you will find a way of answering this without having to really answer it. Twist it all you like, I know the real answer but you will never. You will die soon and God will punish you for what you have done to humanity! Please see the light before you die, everyone (even you) is entitled to that.

Someone who really pities you for being so ignorant,

Aidan Carney.

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