Hello Mrs. Bowser,

(I doubt you will even finish reading this short email before you send it to Satan, who is after all, ruler of this world, which will only be for a short limited time now before he will be bound forever to the lake of fire.)

And please pardon my bluntness. Try not to take my words as an attack. I am not perfect either . . .

I've looked through your site on the internet. I can't promise that my email will differ compared to all the other emails you recieve from other people.

I must admit, you're a very intelligent and witty person. I have to disagree with your proclimation that you are without sin. To "compare" yourself to other human beings and admit a bold statement that you are a better Christian than anyone else is a sin in itself. (It is called "pride". Some may argue that pride is the root of all sin.) You may certainly act it and look it, but it is impossible to be "perfect" in Gods eyes, which is why He sent His only beloved Son. And it is pride that closes your eyes to the truth of God's "battle plan" to help unsaved people to know Christ.

I certainly appreciate your enthusiam and spirit in your ministeries. Your heart is in the right place. I understand that you hold literally the values and wisdom of the "Old Testament". Of course, that was before Jesus walked the earth. I can't help notice that after Jesus ascended to His Father that God's "battle plan" for us changed. He poured out His Spirit to help us glorify Him. And only through the Holy Spirit can we do that. And since Jesus was without sin, He sacrificed Himself for our sins so that we can be forgiven. (I'm sure you know that, but it doesn't seem that you nor Landover really "understand that".

It is the Holy Spirit that can change the hearts of unbelievers. Physical violence or statements of damnation to others because of what they wear or because of their past mistakes will not welcome them to Christ but more-than-likely push them away.

I noticed that in Acts God provided the disciples and many other followers a remarkable gift, after Jesus had ascended, in the upper room. And throughout the young church after Jesus's ascension, God has provided us a helper, a comforter, a companion that can strengthen our walk with Him. The apostles used the discernment of the "Holy Spirit" throughout their ministery, which in turn told them where to go and where not to go, etc. Jesus did the same thing. After He was baptized the Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove and immediately after God's Spirit drove Jesus in the wilderness. Only by His Spirit did Jesus follow. I was just wondering, do you ever seek fellowship with the Holy Spirit to decide the course of your ministeries. You admit that you're just like Jesus, so I'm all ears to understand how you "live" and "walk" as a Christian. Or if you're cloaked in righteousness to boost your pride.

I'm not attacking your ministery, I just want to understand what you believe in, your mind, or your heart. Who am I to argue with America's number one Christian?

Jamin Schmitt

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