Betty Bowers' Godly (Republican) Politics
President Bush's 4-Point Plan for the Middle East
Conservative Christians ask, "Is President Bush a Girly Man?" Iraqi Road to War: The Twisted Path of Lies
President Bush Uses Vacation to Reveal 18-Hole Plan to Invade Iraq
Betty Bowers Opens Halfway House Just for Bar and Poppy Bush's Grandchildren
Tens of People Take to the Streets to Show Support for the President
Betty Bowers Spares White House Visitors From Slipping on Beer & Pretzel Vomit
Bush To Use What's Left of Social Security for Demon Defense Shield
Bush Gives Betty Bowers A Billion Dollars for her Tax-Free "Faith Based" Charities
George W. Bush Talks About Abortion Rumors
SECRET AGREEMENT REVEALED: Bush Agrees to Rearm the Salvation Army
A Republican Replies To Criticism Without Even Mentioning Bill Clinton's Penis National Prayer Breakfast for Saved Christians & Folks Going Straight To Hell
PRUDES:  Patriotic Republicans Unctuously Dressing Erotic Statues Homeland Security Requires All Liberals to Identify Themselves
President's Daily Security Briefings Leading up to 9/11 Condi's Testimony Spinning Machine: Try It!
EXCLUSIVE: Laura Bush's Month-Long Vacation "To Do" List
Postcards from A Broad: Laura Bush's European Adventure
First Lady Mrs. George W. (Laura) Bush's Speech About Budget Traitors First Lady Mrs. George W. (Laura) Bush's Tips on What to do with Enron Stock
First Lady Mrs. George W. (Laura) Bush's Speech About Those Sex Crazy Islamics First Lady Mrs. George W. (Laura) Bush's Personal Diary
AUDIO FILES from Vivian Freep, Bush's Biggest Fan Tired of the tacky white trash that belongs to the Christian Coalition? Who isn't!
A Special GOP Salute to Retiring Senator Jesse Helms
Democrats Cancel Contract on Strom Thurmond's Life
Christian Coalition Unbiased Voter Guide for 2004
Jenna & Barbara Bush: The Camp David Intervention Transcript
What Would Jenna Drink? Laura Bush's Guide to Raising Christian Young Ladies
Laura "Pickles" Bush's Guide to Tickling a Pickle! Guide to Protecting all of Your Marriages from Homosexuals
Laura Bush's Guide to Republican Glamour
Betty Interviews First Lady Laura Bush
Betty Interviews Justice Scalia
Asking Militant Homosexuals: "What Do You Think Of Bush?"
Betty at the GOP Convention
The Wit & Wisdom of George W. Bush
What Have We Learned Since September 11?
Betty Reviews the film "The Patriot"

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