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rebuiltPutting the Christian in Dior

Putting the Christian in Dior

With the delicious news that the GOP invested $150,000 to play dress-up Caribou Barbie which Guv Palin likes to stay at the $700/night Essex House (in, mind you, infamously not so „pro-America“ New york city City) for 4 nights to participate in one-day workshop on the taxpayers‘ penny, I am recognizing that when it pertains to spreading the wealth around, Sarah Palin can always be counted upon to have her palm wide open.
Let’s think … a fascist misrepresenting her background, spouting lies and nonsense while being repackaged for the advantage of the little people? Who does that advise you of? Oh, I know! I think it’s time for an updated production of Evita! It helps if you envision a chorus of uneasy, pasty males in Brooks Brothers fits and felt elephant trunk baseball caps.
Sarah Evita PalinGOP DRESSERS:
Eyes! Hair! Mouth! Glasses! Dress! Strut! Smirk! Slander!
Daily! Winks! Glamour! Face! Fibs! Enjoyment! Image!

Did you hear ‚bout the coats and bags I took?
Poor individuals, I want your votes, but not your appearance!
My hairs? From the GOP, saucy and slattern
New gowns? I now get free of charge, not from a pattern!

Do you think I fill garages with guys ‚cause I’m brilliant?
No, they just wish to screw me!
So open toe shoe me!
Make my skirts short and tight!

Throw away my torn denims and parkas!
I appear like a hick
So have Cindy choice
A de la Renta from Neiman Marcus!

Stale platitudes, yadda yadda, by rote
Sound much fresher in a Prada fur coat!

And nothing deals with deceitful attacks
Quite like an Armani silk suit from Saks!

Yes, Joe Plummer, it’s tough to care ‚bout your sticky tax bracket
When I just invested your month-to-month wage on a kicky Saks coat!
And Joe Six Pack, I ‚d understand your pain if only I read the news!
And you ‚d understand mine if Cindy McCain picked all your shoes!
Please read the magnificent take on „Don’t Cry for Me Argentina“ composed by Mrs. Bowers‘ magnificent acolyte Fama Keen: Check out the rest of this entry “
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Like Scarlett O’Hara in Boston
Alaska Dislikes America!
This previous week, Sarah Palin informed a rally that she „enjoys checking out pro-America parts of the nation.“ She probably stated this as some Americans might state, „I like going to the Amalfi Coast.“ It is, after all, constantly enjoyable to go to a location with a different culture than the one back home.
Genuinely, the novelty of being in a „pro-America“ state should be thrilling for Sarah. After all, she and the First Man are used palling around with the Alaska Independence Party, which was founded by Joe Vogler.
Joe Vogler was wont to say things that may strike even the most wanly patriotic as somewhat shy of „pro-America.“ For instance: „The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American federal government. And I won’t be buried under their damn flag. I’ll be buried in Dawson. And when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones house.“
So you can see why being in places that are „pro-America“ would be as new and various as a tropical breeze to wide-eyed Sarah Palin!
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Charmed, I make certain!
WARNING: Viewing this video can trigger individuals with even minimal intelligence and civility to experience an overdose of self-regard.
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A Fly in the Anointment.
My dear friend Janet L. Folger at Faith2Action called me last night. As usual, she was furious– and intoxicated. Two of Fred Phelps‘ loud and repulsive relatives have been welcomed to speak at an argument about Modification 2 (against so-called „gay“ marital relationship) in Florida.
Glamour Shot of Shirley Phelps Roper.
As America’s Finest Christian, I have actually committed my life– and your generous tithes– to adding a glossy, coy shine to the message that Jesus hates people who are not precisely like me in every respect.
I sign up with Faith2Action in being horrified that those odious Phelps Sis (not to be puzzled with the charmingly limber duo who handled Fiesta ® Ware while licking their own ankles in chiffon on the Lawrence Welk show) have actually been welcomed to Florida to rant and froth about Amendment 2. As a deliciously naughty Jesus is wont to remark, „Those gals are a pair of braying bumpkins no longer on speaking terms with psychological health– or mirrors!“ And, in contradistinction to me, Faith2Action, and Focus on Wringing Cash from Families, et al., these dowdy gargoyles lack the sophistication to couch their livid distaste for others in a more cautious, media-friendly way.
As creator of the world’s most lucrative ex-gay ministry, CELEBRATION (Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals), I must support Modification 2. After all, anything that can denigrate and delegitimize the hobby of being a homosexual, can only lead to less gays feeling secure and delighted and, for that reason, most likely to tithe at one of my many BASH franchises! (Look for my brand-new celebration kiosk in Coral Gables!) Besides, since evangelical Christians have the greatest divorce rates in the country (even higher than those dreadful Mary-Worshipers or hellbound atheists!), it behooves us to do whatever possible to make sure that the gays do not show us up by having delighted, long marital relationships!
But I believe the Phelps sisters have plainly gone a number of actions too far in their zeal for ostracizing homosexuals from their lives. One look at their bought-off-a-pegboard cosmetics, permed-over-a-kitchen-sink hair and regrettable „Home of Polygamist Substance“ couture, it is clear that the something these gals need more than no gay marital relationships is a battalion of gay stylists!
So near Jesus, I have actually seen the Polaroid of Fred that Drove the Phelps Sis to Crazyville,.
Mrs. Betty Bowers.
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Shrill, Child, Shrill!
McCain Succumbs to DemonsUnretouched photo of John McCain at the end of last night’s argument, obviously possessed by devils!
Last night, we saw what occurs when you have perpetually peeved fans given to screaming insults and slander. And, no, I’m not talking about the fools who paid money to see Janet Jackson lip-synch, only to discover at the last minute Miss Jackson went on a nasty bender and cancelled the concert. Well, on second thought, perhaps she had the ideal concept. In sad contrast, John McCain would have been a good idea to cancel, too. Instead, he went on his nasty bender on air!
Under increasing goading from his bloodthirsty and significantly frenzied „base,“ McCain was identified to go on the attack. He played offense, however it played out as offensive. That is because it threatens for McCain to take advantage of his reservoirs of sarcastic anger. That unreserved reserve may be as combustible as our nation’s natural gas, however McCain’s reserves do not appear to be finite. If only we had the technology to tap this angry energy, we could return to driving Hummers!
By a lot of accounts, McCain is a nasty piece of work, short tempered, rude and, more than his poseur „pit bull“ running mate, close enough to the real post that any lipstick would go unnoticed. With his split-screen snarls, he may have thrown some red meat to the his base, clamoring for insults and disrespect. However the problem with imitating those people is that they frighten the majority of Americans.
McCain’s Debate Demon Problem.
What Would Joe the Plumbing Do?
Let’s be truthful, the smarmy, canned, purchasing from referrals to „Joe the Plumbing technician“ were simply irritating. But nonetheless rather telling. Notification how McCain sardonically sneered, „Congratulations, Joe, you’re abundant!“? McCain’s mocking was rooted in a big-time gigolo’s distain for the notion that anybody making $250,000 could be considered „abundant.“ Most Americans may feel otherwise. But, however, they do not invest that quantity annually on servants, as do John and his android other half. What’s funny is that someone can get notoriety as „Joe the Plumber“ when he isn’t even a certified plumbing technician. However he is, nevertheless, skinhead enough to make a „tap dances like Sammy Davis, Jr.“ remark about Barrack Obama. Oh, dear. Not surprising that McCain plucked Joe out from all of America for some unseemly pandering! Joe sounds like John’s base!
Join me, will not you? Meet John McCain’s base:.
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Sarah Palin Attack Advertisement Bloopers.
I’m fascinated by the rebranding of items that goes on in this ever-resourceful, credulous, collapsing America of ours. John McCain, a selfish, spoiled, name-dropping chatterbox, who just could not stop babbling to the North Vietnamese, is rebranded a generous hero. Sarah Palin, a lying pathological narcissist, is improbably rebranded as, well, sane. And Barrack Obama, somebody who made his start respecting the bad, is rebranded an anti-Jesus terrorist! Well, truthfully, if we Republicans can successfully rebrand Jesus himself as a bellicose materialist, is anyone genuinely safe from an innovative Madison Avenue make-over?
What is most entertaining about John McCain and Sarah Palin is that they do not wait for somebody else to rebrand them; they are too hectic marketing themselves. And they choose their slogans as vivid as they are basic. Barracuda! Hero! Pit-bull! Maverick! It’s a conceited– and negative– endeavor. It is likewise a patronizing recognition of a rather base base, which prefers a good story to a genuine one.
In the desperate throes of ineptitude and the toxic backwash of the frenzied hatred and racism they have coyly set in motion, Palin/McCain [sic.] have turned their pastime of repackaging on their opponent. And it’s getting rather uneasy to enjoy. And if you think what they say in public is unseemly and shocking, simply wait till you see the stuff they didn’t launch, on an exclusive copy of their campaign attack advertisement bloopers:.
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Foul-Mouthed Christ-Killers are Outlining Again!

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Fact-Obsessed Liberals‘ Inconvenient & Unpatriotic Rants!
Those reckless individuals in the media, with their nefarious truth-fetish, are saying the most deplorably unkind features of Sarah Palin and the charming aspiration that drives her to say whatever she believes will „work:“.

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Radical for Sale.
Radical for Sale.
When John McCain constantly refers to himself as a „Maverick,“ I presume he suggests an inexpensive, inadequately put-together, domestic automobile that had its best days thirty years earlier. Otherwise, I’m ashamed for him. After all, self-deprecatory vehicle examples are endearing. Gerald Ford once for a moment won America’s (unpredictable) heart by informing her that he was a Ford not a Lincoln.
But when McCain presents himself as a radical, he doesn’t sound as if he is being homey or simple. No, it always comes across as uncomfortable bragging. „Hi, I’m a genuine maverick!“ It’s really odd, and a bit unseemly. Taste– and peace of mind– require awaiting somebody else to compliment or specify you. It would be as if Barrack Obama continuously welcomed people by stating, „Hi, I’m a great speaker!“ Or Mitt Romney walking into a room with a swagger and stated, „My name is Mitt and I have really great hair!“.
And does the word maverick have any worth or meaning when it is used compulsively and proactively? Aren’t such people (and horses) supposed to avoid canned predictability for whimsical impulse? Could a genuine maverick tell you how he will act for the next eight years? No, due to the fact that you’re a maverick when you naturally follow your impulses. When you self-consciously call yourself a „radical“ since the word tests well with your base, you aren’t a radical; you are a preening poser.
And you have actually done what no true radical would countenance: permitted yourself to be specified by one word, a word that is bit more than a marketing slogan. However when you consider yourself as simply product to be sold, rather than a specific with concepts, you offer yourself, instead of your concepts. Every comment is aimed at moving item, not the discussion or citizens.
No place is this seen more annoyingly than in the unseemly way McCain mechanically, and extremely cynically, calls upon his rather stale status as a POW. This biographic opportunism has gotten so perfunctory– so predictable– it has actually become simply another marketing trick, like pretending the country comes first when every strategy and remark reveals that only winning holds such an immediate concern. And, if you’ll pardon the Evelyn Waughism, it’s rather cringe-making to listen to somebody relentlessly regale you with his remarkable bravery. There are reasons that you are anticipated to let other individuals (in this case, well paid political woman of the streets) state such things. Otherwise, you discover as crazy or, even worse, crass.
It comes down to manners and common sense. And those are things that John McCain, a disrespectful, ill-tempered serial-adulterer, is excessive of a war-scared radical to have. Possibly he is offering an old stack of junk after all.
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Shill, Child, Shill!
Gas: America’s Crack!
Have you seen the relaxing little ads on TV by The American Petroleum Institute, the lobbying arm of Big Oil? They feature a Meredith Viera wannabe, who walks about a canyon of enormous, deceptive mottos. She purrs fun petro-facts, all in an attempt to make Americans feel practically downright fortunate to be financially raped by, say, ExxonMobil, a company that squeaked through the gas crisis by making $4,635,845.00/ hour in revenue in 2015!
Shill, Baby, Shill!
Well, in the interest of sincerity– and never neglecting an opportunity to be snide,– I reedited those advertisements to make them a bit more candid. Watching it, you will have a taste for what it would resemble to live in a world where businesses– and political leaders– told the truth from time to time …

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