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rebuiltDressing Up The Dauphin Bush

Dressing Up The Dauphin Bush

Possibly education reform ought to start in your home

As a True Christian, I, naturally, attended the GOP Convention, but did not go anywhere near the Demon-cratic Convention this year. My dear friend Peggy Noonan, nevertheless, had to go to the convention in Los Angeles given that she was making money by a major network to be surrounded by homos and other liberals. To be truthful, I am still frustrated with her for calling from the Demon-cratic Convention and mistakenly informing me: „Do not worry Betty, Gore’s speech will be thought about a big flop!“ She stated the very same thing on television that night.
Yes, she was wrong, however, truly, I need to admire anyone who can make money by a network (or the Wall Street Journal) to comment and prognosticate when they show such woefully undependable, myopic judgment. However as Peggy understands, I can never remain mad at her for long since she so relentlessly shills for God’s Own Party. I likewise share her love of getting cash for force-feeding artistic phrases to individuals (in her case, Ronald Reagan) who can’t distinguish an allusion from an impression, much less a Contra from a contretemps.

I watched the first so-called „Governmental“ dispute and was rather nonplussed. While I recognize that sinus conditions are the cross that a lot of previous drug fiends need to bear, I found George’s continuous smelling really irritating. Even more, his apparent failure to master a subject, much less a things, was rather befuddling. It is with this in mind that I called Peggy today and told her that she merely should pertain to the rescue of our next President, George W. Bush. I have actually asked Peggy to go to the next debate, sit on the front row with a large-scale Prada presentation-bag and take out flash cards with pithy phrases that George can parrot when his mind goes blank. Naturally, I told her to bring lots of cards.

“ I believe anybody who doesn’t believe I’m clever adequate to manage the job is ignoring.“

U.S. News & World Report, April 3, 2000

Some beautiful turns of phrase from our future President:

“ Actually, I– this may sound a little West Texan to you, however I like it.
When I’m talking about– when I’m discussing myself, and when he’s.
speaking about myself, everyone are discussing me.“.

Hardball, MSNBC, May 31, 2000.

“ It’s plainly a budget plan. It’s got a lot of numbers in it.“.

Reuters, May 5, 2000.

“ I believe we agree, the past is over.“.

On his conference with John McCain, Dallas Early Morning News, May 10, 2000.

“ Laura and I really do not recognize how intense our kids is often.
until we get an objective analysis.“.

Meet journalism, April 15, 2000.

“ I was raised in the West. The west of Texas. It’s pretty near to.
California. In more methods than Washington, D.C., is close to California.“.

Los Angeles Times, April 8, 2000.

Jesus desires you to vote Republican!
Fritsche Intermediate School, Milwaukee, March 30, 2000.

“ The fact that he relies on truths– says things that are not factual–.
are going to weaken his project.“.

New YorkTimes, March 4, 2000.

“ It is not Reaganesque to support a tax plan that is Clinton in nature.“.

Los Angeles, Feb. 23, 2000.

“ I comprehend small company growth. I was one.“.

New York Daily News, Feb. 19, 2000.

“ The senator has actually got to comprehend if he’s going to have he can’t have it.
both methods. He can’t take the high horse and after that declare the low roadway.“.

To reporters in Florence, S.C., Feb. 17, 2000.

“ We want our instructors to be trained so they can meet the obligations,.
their obligations as teachers. We desire them to know how to teach the science of reading. In order to make certain there’s not this type of federal.

Get a tax cut on all the money Jesus told you to offer to the bad! Vote Republican politician!
“ If you’re sick and sick of the politics of cynicism and surveys and.
concepts, come and join this campaign.“.
Hilton Head, S.C., Feb. 16, 2000.

“ How do you understand if you don’t measure if you have a system that just.
suckles kids through?“.

Explaining the need for educational responsibility, Beaufort, S.C.,.
Feb. 16, 2000.

“ We ought to make the pie higher.“.

South Carolina Republican Argument, Feb. 15, 2000.

“ I have actually altered my style somewhat, as you understand. I’m less I pontificate less,.
although it may be tough to inform it from this show. And I’m more communicating.
with individuals.“.

Meet The Press, Feb. 13, 2000.

“ I believe we need not only to get rid of the tollbooth to the middle class,.
I believe we ought to tear down the tollbooth.“.

Nashua, N.H., as priced quote by Gail Collins, New York City Times, Feb. 1, 2000.

“ The most essential task is not to be guv, or first lady in my case.“.

Pella, Iowa, as priced quote in the San Antonio Express News, Jan. 30, 2000.

“ Will the highways on the Internet end up being more couple of?“.

Concord, N.H., Jan. 29, 2000.

“ This is Preservation Month. I appreciate preservation. It’s what you do.
when you run for president. You got ta preserve.“.

Speaking throughout Determination Month“ at Fairgrounds Grade School in Nashua, N.H. As quoted in the Los Angeles Times, Jan. 28, 2000.

“ I know how difficult it is for you to put food on your household.“.

Greater Nashua, N.H., Chamber of Commerce, Jan. 27, 2000.

“ This is still a harmful world. It’s a world of madmen and uncertainty.
and possible mental losses.“.

At a South Carolina oyster roast, as quoted in the Financial Times,.
Jan. 14, 2000.

“ We should all hear the universal call to like your neighbor just like you.
like to be liked yourself.“.

At a South Carolina oyster roast, as priced quote in the Financial Times,.
Jan. 14, 2000.

“ Seldom is the concern asked: Is our kids learning?“.

Florence, S.C., Jan. 11, 2000.

“ There needs to be arguments, like we’re going through. There requires to be.
townhall meetings. There needs to be travel. This is a huge country.“.

Larry King Live, Dec. 16, 1999.

“ The crucial concern is, How many hands have shaked?“.

Addressing a question about why he hasn’t invested more time in NewHampshire, In the New York City Times, Oct. 23, 1999.

“ Keep good relations with the Grecians.“.

Estimated in the Economist, June 12, 1999.

You can read my lips, however I can’t touch my nose officer!

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